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Mark one globe

Soon to be a hot new sensation every hot tub must have.

About the size of your fist, it changes colors depending on the temperature of the water, you can tell easily from a distance what temperature your hot tube is!

It let’s parents know if their hot tub is safe for their kids.

It lets everyone at your party know when its time to take a dip!

It is stylish and unique, not on the market yet.

  • If its too hot its red.
  • If its too cold its blue.
  • When its just right its both red and blue.
  • Bluetooth capable
  • App’s for android and apple to control it.
  • Solar powered. No need to charge or do anything once you unwrap it and throw it into your hot tub.

Below are Mark One globes, tests built with off the shelf components and a custom PCB and program. The Mark Two will be fully commercialized, with a 3d printed enclosure and a more complicated program.

For Business inquires please use contact page.

Currently undergoing commercialization. Patent pending.